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Let the Sun Shine On

June 8, 2018

One might ask as to the motivation behind a literary journal.  I suspect that there could be numerous answers to that pondering all of which would be true.


But a few weeks back Madonna, Bay City born, was on a talk show and she said she was grateful for the DIA because otherwise there was no culture in Michigan.  Of note, I have a goodly amount of regard for Madonna and I, like most people, love the DIA.   But she was to be sure, wrong.


Such an assertion cannot possibly be true as every spot on this earth has a culture.  You may not like the culture.  But every local has a culture and there are artists that dwell in those places.  It used to be that quilts were not considered art.  Folk art was not considered “art”.  Culture was defined by who exactly? 


About location and culture and art, have you ever been on vacation to someplace like New Orleans or Florida and purchased a piece of popular art only to come home and it looked dreadfully out of place?  Had to shield your eyes from the pastels?  Something that looks stunning in Italy might not really fit in an American home.  It is not the same aesthetic.  It is the same thing for literature.  Something written by someone from Texas is going to have a much different vibe than something written by someone from Michigan.  


Everyplace has a culture and it should be celebrated and shared.



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