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The MI Sunrise Journal is a regional literary magazine and the home of the Sunrise Shore Story Award.  Our mission is to provide a platform for writers who have a distinct familiarity with northeast Michigan.  This journal is designed to be a free and comfortable place for artists to share their work.  We welcome short stories, creative non-fiction, poetry, book reviews, illustrations and photography.  The organization is a non-profit collaboration which publishes in the spring and fall of the year.  Submissions are accepted year round.  Submissions are always free and everyone is welcome.


Sunrise Journal Online

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To print as booklet, print double sided flipping on the short edge.  The cover prints separately but is also double sided, flipping on the short edge.   


Submission Guidelines

The spring 2019 deadline is April 5th.  We will accept up to 4 poems per author, 2,000 maximum word count for short fiction or creative non-fiction.  Photographers and Illustrators may submit up to 4 images for potential inclusion.  All authors and artists should include full contact information with their submissions.   Avian Edition - In the Spring 2019 editions all photography and illustrations submitted

should be of birds found in northeast Michigan.

All authors, illustrators and photographers retain full copyright authority over their work outside of the Sunrise Journal.  However, submissions may be considered for an eventual book composed of all entries.  Contributors would be notified of such an endeavor. 

We accept submissions from anyone welcoming those who have a strong familiarity with the northeast lower peninsula.  The journal will be published online in an e-journal along with a limited number of print copies.

All work must be presented in digital format and delivered to email at misunrisejournal@gmail.com.  Please give editors 60 days from the date of submission to contact you before inquiring.  Artists and writers may submit as many entries as desired but please only submit each entry once.   Please do notify us should your writing be accepted in another journal or publishing house.  There is no monetary payment for successful entries outside of increased visibility and publication. Please include your contact information with all materials. 

We consider all forms creative or historic nonfiction, poetry or fiction.  All entries must be in one of the following languages: English, French, Spanish or German.  If a different language, please advise us as to a reviewer who is able to read the language.  We do not accept: items of journalism, academic writing or religious treaties.   

Edwina Murphy

Rogers City

Jessica Luther


Presque Isle District Library

Rogers City

Any regional interest group should feel free to inquire should they like to take a greater role in the creation of this journal.


Sunrise Shore Story Award

The Sunrise Shore Story Ward


The Sunrise Shore Story will be awarded in the fall of each year in conjunction with the second issue of the year.  All short story entries, fiction or creative non-fiction, are eligible for the award regardless of edition in which they appear.  The submission guidelines are the same as any short story submission to the journal.  All authors should provide full contact information with their submissions.  The short story will be chosen by a committee of three members who are familiar with northeastern Michigan and literary works in general.  The award consists of a monetary prize of $100.00 and a memento indicating the distinction.  The selection committee will be working with regional artisans to develop something unique for the award.   


The Sunrise Shore Story Award is made possible by the Edwin H. and Lucile M. Fink Estate



For any inquiries please contact the editors @ misunrisejournal@gmail.com

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Sponsors & Support

The MI Sunrise Journal is registered as a Domestic non-profit with the state of Michigan.  Donations are always welcome. 
Regional non-profit insitutions should feel free to contact us pertaining information space in the magazine.  All entries should include a high resolution graphic in black and white (300 ppi or higher) and one fit for electronic publishing which may be in color.
We are grateful to all institutions for sharing the information about the journal and encouraging artists everywhere.

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